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[transfer] subsidies and many family farms in rich business opportunities

Release Date:2017-11-30 15:19:40    Hits:30    Column:Company

In 2014, a dramatic increase climbing the family farm.According to the ministry of agriculture, according to a survey last year, the average family farm scale has reached 200.2 acres, is the contracting farmers average cultivated land area of 7.5 mu nearly 27 times.The release of a clear signal: the scale of agriculture, represented by the family farm in the family farm as the main body of land moderate scale management will become the direction of the future a period of national key to push.

What is the real family farm?

At present, a lot of people when doing family farms into the erroneous zone, made into taking family as the unit, recreational harvest as the main elements of the farmhouse.This is not a country advocated family farm!State advocates must adhere to the family business, the only family with marriage and kinship as basic social units and relatively independent economic organizations, can reasonable arrangement, distribution, and consumption of labor, optimization of resource combination.

How much is a family farm planting area?

The current grain under the condition of large land moderate scale of operation of relevant department that is not strictly defined.But agriculture experts tend to think more about 120 acres of land in northern region, the south, about 60 acres of land is better.

What are the family farm subsidies?

The central file no. 1 (2014) put forward: new farm subsidies (fiscal, taxation, land, finance, insurance) to professional investors, family farms, agricultural cooperatives.

1, fiscal direct subsidies: positive, one thousand ways to coordinate all financial institutions and agricultural insurance company, increase the supply of credit, to help the family farm expanding credit channels;

2, tax breaks: innovation assure means, prime lending rate, set up small loan guarantee companies, the establishment of rural capital mutual cooperation, supporting the family farmers entrepreneurship;

3, insurance support: actively expand insurance breed for family farm, improve the insurance compensation standard, minimize the family farm management risk;

4, land support: to actively explore the family farm land for investment and mortgage, real estate or agricultural products such as mortgages path in the countryside.

In the future, the development of the family farm is mainly rely on the perfection of this a few aspects: countries JiangNong rich peasants policy and implement;Increase science and technology support, more to provide large grain seeds, law, technology and information such as factory nursery;Agricultural materials can lower the price, let grain farmers centering directional well field;Trim agricultural infrastructure, hardening of the farm road, building and granary, green coffees which are shall support and assist in agricultural machinery, policy insurance, etc.