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Agricultural mechanization in our country to promote rapid development as a whole

Release Date:2017-11-30 15:20:40    Hits:43    Column:Company

Efficient upgrade subsidy policy implementation specification, farm machinery equipment level to improve quickly.Central finance agricultural machinery purchase subsidy funds reached 21.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2 billion yuan, have at the end of November all the implementation to the home.Subsidy policy effect significantly, pull the growing consumer demand of agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery industry flourish, production and sales of agricultural machinery equipment volumes increase, structure, speed up the optimization.2012 national farm machinery total power to 1 billion kw steps, is expected to reach 1.02 billion kilowatts, up 4.3% from a year earlier.Large and medium-sized tractor is expected to reach 4.9 million units, up 11.2%;The weak link of rice transplanter, corn united harvest machine ownership is expected to reach 507000 units, 233000 units, year-on-year growth of 18.7%, 18.7% respectively.Key crops, large scale, double key link machinery, form a complete set to change trend is obvious.Scale for the whole year above, agricultural machinery gross value of industrial output is expected to exceed 300 billion yuan for six years to keep more than 20% of the growth, to continue in the machinery industry in a leading position.

Important farming mechanization production organization and orderly, strong agricultural machinery operation level is rapidly increasing.Spring planting, SanXia, sowing and ploughing, and other important farming, agricultural machinery operation equipments supply and demand balance, job market stable and orderly, homework area is greatly increased, agricultural machinery become a rush in the harvest busy planting, the main force of disaster relief, guarantee the progress and quality of agriculture.Weak link mechanization of rapid development, rice machinery plant level is expected to more than 30%, year-on-year increase of 4%;Corn is expected to receive a level of more than 40%, increased by 6.5%, compared to the same growth for four consecutive years by more than 6%.The national agricultural cooperatives number more than 31000, more than 10% more than last year.Forecast of agricultural mechanization service business income reached 480 billion yuan, increased by 7% than last year.Farm machinery socialization service booming, powerful, and so did the land circulation and scale planting, promotes the organization scale of agricultural production.

The agricultural integration of agricultural machinery made solid progress, increasing efficiency type resource-conserving environment-friendly agricultural mechanization technology application range widening.Farm machinery science and technology innovation and promotion action effect is remarkable, the key link of agricultural machinery major progress was made in agricultural technology integration.Around the advantage agricultural products distribution and leading industry development, and actively promote mechanization to the prenatal and postnatal, to develop the field of economic crops, aquaculture, etc.Play a role of the national farm machinery, agricultural machinery, agricultural integration such as demonstration area, the key to promote deep loosening soil preparation, chemical fertilizer, precise seeding, deep high efficient plant protection technology such as 12 advanced technology for agricultural mechanization, protective cultivation area of 100 million mu, efficient water-saving irrigation technology popularization area increased by 20 million mu.