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Agricultural machinery and equipment development plan in the next decade, 22 products as the key development areas

Release Date:2017-11-30 15:21:48    Hits:107    Column:Company

On December 22, 2016, the ministry, the ministry of agriculture and development and reform commission jointly issued the "agricultural machinery and equipment development action plan (2016-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as "the plan"), has been clear about the target in the next 10 years the development of agricultural machinery and equipment as well as the key development areas.Among them, the host and special parts, a total of 22 products clearly category as the key development areas, and puts forward the main technological development direction and development in the field of the target form (see below).

"Plan" pointed out that by 2020, agricultural machinery and equipment category is complete, the basic meet the demand of food crops to produce fully mechanized, basic meet the demand of the main economic crop production key weaknesses mechanization.Animal husbandry, fisheries, early fruit tea industry, agricultural products processing industry and mountain hilly areas such as part of the production of inorganic available situation get improved significantly;Large efficient, exquisite flexible and multifunctional, informationization, intellectualized equipment imports the preliminary solution of the problems.

Initially formed the core functional unit and the whole machine test measurement test development and collaborative supporting ability, its self-sufficiency rate of key parts of around 50%;Key agricultural machinery product such as reliability of tractor and combine the "twelfth five-year" increases more than 50%;Achieve a major breakthrough in the weak link mechanization technology, basic to establish regional major crops agricultural mechanization technology model;To carry out the field of agricultural machinery manufacturing industry innovation center construction;In the field of key host product, key parts respectively form 2-3 brands;The national crop cultivation comprehensive mechanization rate reached 70%.

By 2025, agricultural machinery and equipment category is complete, food crops to produce fully mechanization technology improved the equipment it needs, the main economic crop production fully mechanized equipment required to achieve effective supply, animal husbandry, aquaculture, early fruit tea industry, agricultural products processing industry and mountainous hilly areas such as mechanization equipment needed for basic meet.

Its self-sufficiency rate of comprehensive grasp core parts and components manufacturing technology, the key components of 70% or more;Tractors, combine harvesters and other key agricultural machinery product reliability reached the international advanced level;Regional major crops agricultural mechanization technology pattern to be more perfect;Optimize the industrial layout, superior enterprises as the leading driving the development of agricultural machinery industry agglomeration intensive cluster, cultivate creating a batch of specialized outstanding characteristics of new industrialization industry demonstration base;Formation of 3-5 with international influence and strong international competitiveness of agricultural machinery industry leader;The national farming comprehensive mechanization rate above 75%.

"The plan" clearly the focus of the next decade for the five projects, respectively for the host product innovation special special reliability, product quality improvement and development of key parts special, special public service platform construction, and the special agricultural machinery agronomic fusion.

Among them, the host special focus on new product innovation efficient tractors, seeding transplanting machine, dryer, of 12 host, such as animal husbandry machinery products;Key parts and components development, focus on developing agricultural diesel engine, infinitely variable speed, navigation, and other areas of the 10 innovative products;Special include establishing and perfecting the product quality improved reliability of agricultural machinery and equipment reliability, environmental test system, accelerate the construction of quality and technology foundation platform construction, intelligent digital factory/workshop;Special includes public service platform construction, promote the innovation in agricultural machinery manufacturing center construction, perfecting standard system construction;Agricultural machinery special agricultural integration including promotion of agricultural machinery agronomic fusion technology research and development ability, accelerate the integration type of the equipment and technology, strengthening agricultural machinery equipment technology development and application of evaluation and innovation to guide.

In addition, the scheme also puts forward the basic principles of agricultural machinery and equipment over the next ten years development and safeguard measures.