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[by] the farmer cooperatives in the development of new opportunities

Release Date:2017-11-30 15:24:12    Hits:32    Column:Industry

First of all, to further strengthen the position and function of farmer cooperatives."Decision" points out: "the economic system reform is the key of the comprehensively deepen reform, the core problem is to correctly handle the relationship between government and market, the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources and better give play to the role of the government."Reform in 35 years of experience has shown that in the field of reform and development of agriculture and rural areas, farmers cooperatives is one of the most effective connecting the government and the market of the intermediate links, has been and is playing an irreplaceable role.Visible, the third plenary session of the eighteenth is best opportunity in the development of farmer cooperatives.We must seize the opportunity, create conditions to promote the development of cooperatives, nice and fast.

Second, with 18 on the third plenary session of the spirit, farmers cooperatives can get financial support will be more and more preferential policy, business scope is more wide."Decision" points out: "...Allow financial project funding directly to conform to the conditions of the cooperative, allowed to transfer the assets of the financial aid form cooperatives to hold and management, allows cooperatives credit cooperation."This sentence has three layers of policy implications, it is all financial support agriculture projects can be directly into the qualified cooperative.The quickening pace of financial system reform, pratt &whitney type projects in the field of financial input to agriculture will be more and more, the cooperative can get subsidies will be increased.And the so-called "eligible cooperatives" first should be the standard, non-standard cooperatives can't get a grant from the government, therefore, the development of cooperatives with the increase of the state financial subsidies will inevitably become more and more specifications.Second, is the country's financial aid form assets ownership, the cooperative can become its managers and users, this greatly increases the cooperatives assets, the amount of actual possession thus greatly improve the ability of serving members of the cooperatives.3 it is part of the cooperatives internal credit cooperation for many years trying to legalization, the broad masses of farmers to will not worry about the banned by the practice of cooperative finance.

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Again, "decision" points to "develop the collective economy."Then, the development of collective economy in the form of what?That is "protect the rights of farmers' collective economic organization members, actively developing farmers share cooperation", namely the rural community joint-stock cooperative.The essence of which is the collective assets quantification to meet certain conditions for each of the rural community members, the collective ownership of nominal "everyone has a" real, farmers from the master into actual host name, so that they can feel the community collective assets and their relationships, really care about changes in the increase or decrease in the collective assets.Not only that, according to the requirements of the "decision", "farmers to collective assets shares have possession, income, paid out and mortgage, guarantee, inheritance", namely the farmers can apply their own collective assets, not only has the usufruct, can also be due to migrate to urban or rural communities and other compensation, and can go to the bank for the mortgage, guarantee, in order to gain financial services.The rules essentially can enhance the value of the rural collective assets, promote the development of the rural community joint-stock cooperative