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The twelfth five-year plan of the mechanization in the country

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The "12th Five-Year" period is a critical period for China to build a well-off society in an all-round way. It is also an important period for speeding up the agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics. It is also an important strategic opportunity for the development of Agricultural Mechanization in China. According to the "national economic and social development of the Twelfth Five Year Plan", "national agricultural and rural economic development of the Twelfth Five Year Plan" for the development of agricultural mechanization and deployment requirements, develop "five year plan for the development of agricultural mechanization twelfth (2011 - 2015)".

First, "11th Five-Year" agricultural mechanization development achievement

"11th Five-Year" period is the development environment of China's agricultural mechanization significant optimization, policies and regulations continue to improve, significantly speeding up the pace of development, continue to enhance the role of five years, is "independent farmers, government support, market leading, social services, the development of agricultural mechanization road Chinese features together to improve the efficiency of utilization," as the main feature is an important period for the establishment and development of the rich. During this period, the national agricultural mechanization system of cadres and workers and farmers together to overcome difficulties, emancipate the mind, bold innovation, the successful completion of the main objectives and tasks in 11th Five-Year "plan, the successful implementation of historic agricultural production from one animal to the mechanical operation across. The rapid development of agricultural mechanization, to a large extent alleviated the adverse effects of rural young labor shortage of grain production, effectively improve land productivity, resource utilization rate and labor productivity, continue to enhance the comprehensive agricultural production capacity, anti risk ability and market competitiveness for China's grain production to achieve seven even to increase and maintain a good momentum of development of agriculture and rural economy provides a strong support.

(1) new breakthroughs in the construction of policies and laws and regulations, and increased support for Agricultural Mechanization

The Central Committee of the party and the State Council attaches great importance to the development of agricultural mechanization, and has formulated and implemented a series of policies and measures to support the development of agricultural mechanization. The "Regulations" safety supervision and administration of agricultural machinery and the "State Council on the promotion of agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery industry development opinions" issued, the agricultural mechanization system and related laws and regulations policy of "Agriculture Mechanization Promotion Law" and local regulations of common Gou Jianqi China characteristics. The relevant regulations and regulations formulated by the Ministry of agriculture and all over the country have basically covered all fields of the development of agricultural mechanization. The implementation of subsidy policy for agricultural machinery has been increasing continuously, and the subsidy policy for agricultural machinery has achieved a major breakthrough. A number of major construction plans related to the development of agricultural mechanization have been launched and implemented, and the investment mechanism has been further improved. Substantial progress has been made in the construction of public service systems, such as agricultural machinery testing and identification, technical popularization, safety supervision, education and training, information publicity and so on. A series of supporting measures such as financial special projects, operation subsidies, capital construction investment, tax and fee reduction, credit preferences, policy insurance, agricultural machinery and agricultural land management have been put forward all over the country, which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of farmers to purchase machinery.

(two) the subsidy policy of agricultural machinery purchase is carried out in depth and the level of agricultural machinery equipment has been significantly improved

The size of the subsidy funds for the purchase of agricultural machinery has increased year by year, and the scope of the benefit has been continuously expanded. During the "11th Five-Year" period, the central government allocated a total of 35 billion 100 million yuan to subsidize the purchase of agricultural machinery, driving local and farmers to invest more than 110 billion 500 million yuan, subsidized 10 million 780 thousand sets of farm implements, and benefited 9 million 60 thousand households. Under the drive of the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery, the total amount of agricultural machinery equipment has increased significantly compared with the end of "fifteen", and the planning goal is achieved ahead of time. In 2010, the total power of agricultural machinery reached 928 million kilowatts, and the structure of agricultural machinery and equipment continued to optimize. The agricultural machinery with large horsepower, multi-function, high performance and weak links increased rapidly. The average annual growth rate of large and medium-sized tractors, transplanter and combine harvesters reached 22.9%, 33.1% and 15.8% respectively, of which the average annual growth of corn combine harvesters was 70.5%, and the proportion of large and medium-sized tractors and small tractors increased from 1 to 11 to 1: 4.6. The amount of cash crop, animal husbandry, aquaculture, fruit and forest products and initial processing machinery increased rapidly, and the resource saving and environment-friendly agricultural machinery and equipment developed steadily.

(three) the mechanization of major crop production is accelerated, and the mode of agricultural production is new leapfrog

The level of comprehensive mechanization of crop cultivation has reached 52.3%, which is 16.4 percentage points higher than the end of fifteen and increased by 3.3 percentage points annually, which is much higher than that of the fifteen year average annual growth rate of 0.7 percentage points. The way of agricultural production realized from one animal operation history to the mechanical operation across. The main grain crop production mechanization rapid advance. Rice planting and harvesting machinery level reached 20.9% and 64.5%, compared with the "fifteen" at the end were increased by 13.7 and 31 percentage points, an average increase of 2.7 percentage points and 6.2 percentage points; the income level of corn reached 25.8%, compared to fifteen at the end of an increase of 22.7 percentage points, an average increase of 4.5 percentage points, into the acceleration stage of development. The production mechanization of major economic crops, such as potato, rape, cotton, peanut, tea and other major economic crops, has made breakthrough progress. The comprehensive development of animal husbandry, aquaculture, forestry and fruit industry, facility agriculture and primary processing of agricultural products has greatly enhanced agricultural comprehensive production capacity, risk tolerance and market competitiveness.

(four) great progress has been made in scientific and technological innovation, and the application scope of new machinery and new technology has been expanded year by year

The key technology and equipment research and development of agricultural mechanization are increasing, and some "bottleneck" link technology and integration problems have been solved. Research and development of large horsepower tractors