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General office of the state council on strengthening the internal combustion engine industry energy conservation and emissions reduction

Release Date:2017-11-30 15:24:54    Hits:57    Column:Industry

Opinion by issued by the general office of the state council on February 6, 2013, opinion demands by 2015, energy-efficient internal combustion engine products accounted for 60% of the entire society's internal combustion engine products, compared with 2010, when the internal combustion engine fuel consumption by 6% - 10%, to 20 million tons of fuel saving commodities, reduce carbon dioxide emissions of 62 million tons, to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 10%, and the alternative fuel saving products 15 million tons of fuel oil;Cultivate a batch of automobile and engineering machinery in the engine remanufacturing key enterprises;To achieve high efficiency and energy saving and environmentally friendly internal combustion engine host and parts manufacturing equipment localization, large-scale;Building energy-saving emission reduction policies and regulations and standard system of internal combustion engine products.

Opinion to general small gasoline engine and motorcycle gasoline engine as one of the key areas, put forward to focus on two stroke gasoline engine more airflow coordination leading advanced technology such as high-speed sweep airway industrialization application research, to speed up the promotion application four-stroke gasoline engine air-fuel ratio accurately controllable electric control technology, strengthen the general small gasoline engine and motorcycle gasoline engine efficient transmission and power matching, performance optimization and exhaust after-treatment technology research and development and application.

Opinion listed six key project: namely, compression ignition engine high-pressure fuel injection system demonstration project;Light type internal combustion engine in cylinder direct injection fuel system demonstration project;Internal combustion engine supercharging system application demonstration project;Type energy-saving materials in small diameter multi-cylinder diesel engine application demonstration project;Alternative fuel of internal combustion engine application demonstration project;Comprehensive utilization of Marine diesel engine energy demonstration project.

Opinions put forward relevant policies and measures that improve the industrial policy;The standard system;Strengthening supervision and management;To speed up technological innovation system.Economic incentive policies.