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People-oriented, calling for a "humanization" of agricultural machinery industry development

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The original site of China agricultural machinery network 】 in recent years, with the speeding up of the process of the mechanization, infringement cases frequently: the interests of farmers faced corruption and subsidies devour, farm machinery safety in production accident frequency and farm machinery dealers false sales diddle farm machinery incentives and so on."People-oriented" is the core of the scientific outlook on development in our country, it requires to make development starting from the fundamental interests of the masses of the people, promote the development of agricultural mechanization development also needs to follow the "people-oriented", in short, calling for a "humanization" of agricultural machinery industry development.

Farm machinery subsidy policy "human nature is changed"

In recent years, to encourage farmers to buy agricultural machinery, the state introduced a subsidy policy in order to enhance the buyers enthusiasm, but the release of the farm machinery purchase subsidy will often appear in use process problems.Often see news that someone was punishment for misappropriation of subsidy funds or subsidies unfair and so on, so as to damage the interests of farmers, let a person to the standardization of the farm machinery purchase subsidy process.

Nowadays, many places in the farm machinery purchase subsidy distribution process were discussed, in terms of "human nature is changed" have also made considerable progress.Prosperous tieli lies a lottery subsidies to promote fair, simplify the farm machinery purchase subsidy in tianjin formalities, save time and manpower, more has much continuously strengthen the supervision of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy, for people to do the practical work.Across the country, beneficial exploration continues, farm machinery purchase subsidy to realize "human" just around the corner.

Agricultural machinery and equipment design "human nature is changed"

Right now, "sowing and ploughing" production continues, farm machinery accidents continues to rise, the frequent agricultural machinery accidents not only needs of agricultural machinery driver from these mistakes, but also need to start from agricultural machinery product design thinking and improve.Agricultural machinery equipment can design more human?

Let's take cars for comparison, the car will often holds some emergency braking device, the injury of the emergency protection device to reduce accidents, so whether agricultural machinery can also follow?In addition, because of the injured in the accident of agricultural machinery was stuck in the machine remove the inconvenience and delay treatment.Abroad some high-end agricultural machinery is equipped with a device itself, call the emergency operation of the roller reversal, when accidents happen to separate the injured people and machine as soon as possible, this is a very personalized design, worthy of our reference and study.

In addition, with the deepening of agricultural mechanization, agricultural machinery has gradually can't satisfy people's needs, so the intelligent agricultural machinery equipment entered the public line of sight, the equipment not only human but also "pathetic".In agricultural production, the sensor and the combination of big data, a key fertigation was done;Robots are also beginning to activities in the field, pick fruit selling MOE, reduce the burden of the people a lot.

Agricultural machinery management mode "human nature is changed"

In the rapid development of information technology in the modern society, the change in the way between buy to sell.The traditional management pattern were hit from the Internet shop, farm machinery sales are to the electricity.

Record as a businessman, take a few pictures, video, with precise descriptions of put on the Internet, you can show itself to the buyers of the product;But as a buyer, want to what kind of product, the Internet search to see what you want, don't run around also can shop around.The electricity business model providing convenience for people to buy farm machinery also faces a good faith quality problem, only look at the picture, not personally feel unavoidably exist error, there's even "dirty" businessman cheat customer false sales.So, the next farm machinery enterprise and Internet industry need to reduce this error, strengthening credit mechanism, the harmonious development of line on the line.

Agricultural machinery operation mode of "human nature is changed"

Agricultural production in our country is faced with organic door didn't work, inorganic, the difficulty of farm households, the uneven distribution of resources hinder the mechanization development, in order to solve this problem, the "order operations" arises at the historic moment.This operation mode based on agricultural cooperatives and inter-district JiShouDui mechanical resources, balance the organic and inorganic live with the contradiction between, realize the win-win situation.

Nowadays is underway, the autumn harvest were a lot of agricultural machinery cooperatives, interregional JiShouDui began to serve the public, for the people of aggravation.Order operation mode greatly reduces the operating costs, has realized the agricultural machinery operation scale, improve the efficiency of the agricultural machinery, reflected the agricultural cooperatives, agricultural machinery, large mainstay role in agricultural production, increase the income of the NongJiShou, remove the trouble back at home than inorganic, lack of labor, to promote the development of modern agriculture.

Conclusion: in recent years, the innovation of science and technology, policy support makes our country agricultural mechanization development is rapid, and many problems began to emerge in the process, the whole structure to be optimized.To strengthen the construction of agricultural infrastructure, upgrading emission standard, this kind of measures such as strict market regulation and policy are show that the determination of the optimization of agricultural machinery industry in China.Future, conform to the scientific outlook on development, adhere to the people-oriented is the direction of the agricultural machinery industry structure optimization and the main tone of both in agricultural machinery enterprise and national government should strive to make agricultural mechanization more "human nature is changed".